James and Ola Jordan is down for maintenance

James and Ola Jordan is down for maintenance, and we’ll be back very soon with some great things. We are away doing our Christmas shopping already, and we’re busy hunting for deals :)Stay tuned, we’ll be launching within a few weeks!

In the mean time, we’ve got some great tips for you, now that the holiday shopping season is knocking at the door. Here are some websites you can visit this holiday (and winter) season that will hopefully be of great help in both keeping you healthy, and keeping your wallet full:

Winter and Christmas shopping and deals:


Every Day is Black Friday

Winter Holidays

Winter fashion sales

Stay healthy this winter:

NHS Winter Advice

Winter Fruits for health

Drink tea for flu :)

BHS advice

Some really good info about James and Ola:

James Jordan

Ola Jordan


We’ll be back very soon, please bear with us!